Merchandisers are business managers. Their role starts from handling inquires to shipment. They are involved in costing, sampling, order confirmation, order placement, buyer correspondence and follow-up of every activity of production as well as shipment. 
- Developing and grading measurement charts
- Patter making and checking
- Pre-check of samples before being shipped to buyer
- Local size set approval
- Color fastness to croaking/rubbing
- Color fastness to washing
- Dimensional Stability
- Appearance after washing of garment
- Spirality
- Extract pH
- Searching new markets
- Development of new customers
- Develop new products for all customers
- Marketing and sales of the products
Our Quality assurance is operated in accordance with customer requirement and standards Some of our QA’s are customer certified. This certification will help us to strength our in-house QA Systems, in-turn reduce rejections and recalls; hence enhance buyers confidence level.
- Compliance normally consists of ensuring that activities undertaken agree with both the letter and the spirit of the standards, local laws and Buyers Code Of Conduct.

- In the legal system, compliance usually refers to behavior in accordance with legislation.

- Enforcing compliance means ensuring that the businesses adheres to the regulations stated.

- The need to communicate factory information in a more accurate, consistent and expedient fashion has become paramount in Kleider Sourcing; therefore we have ensured a standard for every individual factory.
Association with suppliers for years who has vertical facilities and compliance with modarn quality standards like ISO, WRAP, C-TPAT Facility.

Kleider Sourcing Ltd is a Joint venture company with "PDS Multinational Group".

Our Group operates a vast global network covering over 25 offices in 15 countries and over 2500 employees across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. We have a vast network of factories / vendors which have been technically and ethically audited to international standards. In addition to the broad range and diversity of consumer products available through it's extensive international sourcing network, product design and development to provide absolute global sourcing solutions for it's customers.

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